Create a new collaborator automatically (with Velo?)

Hi, I am creating an open blog with Wix, meaning I want the creators to be automatically authorised to create new posts. I will moderate them post-factum.

When a new person joins, they can’t add posts (they are not collaborators, just members). I want people to automatically become new collaborators rather than manually use the invite feature and assign roles (like Blog writer).

Can I do it somehow? With Velo?

I have tried to use some coding but realised that these role IDs point to the member roles (e.g. to view a given page) rather than the collaborator’s roles (like Blog writer).

import { authorization } from ‘wix-members-backend’ ;

export function myAssignRoleFunction ( pMemberId ) {
const roleId = “be6b8474-f84a-40e5-adfe-d77814168636” ;
const memberId = pMemberId ;
const options = {
suppressAuth : false

return authorization . assignRole ( roleId , memberId , options )
. then (() => {
console . log ( “Role assigned to member” );
. catch (( error ) => {
console . error ( error );

Is there any other API I can use to create a new collaborator (directly based on the member auto-registration) and assign the role (Blog writer)?

Is it possible at all in the current version of Wix?

I appreciate any help you can provide.

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Any ideas on enabling automatic assignment of blog creator roles when the users register?

I’m facing this exact same issue!


For both of you.


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