Create Lightbox that does not close

Hi! I want to make certain pages only clickable to paid members. Ideally, I would like there to be a somewhat see-through box that scrolls down the page with the user as they scroll, not letting them click the content until they click “Become a Member.” Please see screenshot.

I called Wix Support and unfortunately this does not seem possible. However, he suggested using a Lightbox as a work-around.

I know I can create a Lightbox and disable the close buttons, however, if you hit escape or even just click outside the box the lightbox disappears. I want the visitor to need to click Become a Member to get rid of it. (Also, I wish the lightbox would simply appear over the page so the users can still see the content, instead of by itself, but I understand if this is not possible.)

How can I accomplish this? I have seen a couple other posts related to this but there is not enough explanation for me to understand. I am a complete beginner when it comes to this.

Thank you! Austin :slight_smile: