Create login system with Wix Code.

Hi everyone,
I wanted to ask if you can create a login system with wix code. I would like to create a login form and a registration form attached to the database so that users can register. However, I wanted to know if it is possible to create a logging module that checks data through the database connection and that error signals when the user entered false credentials or redirects the user when they successfully completed the login. Also, I wanted to ask you if you can send an email each time the user authenticates.

Thank you for your response and collaboration!

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This would be good. Because as it stands right now, the Wix login system is so bad. I find it actually loads slow, we can’t design it or add logos etc and the social login seems to load slow (the buttons)


Hi Guys,
Regarding the email notification, see here about automated emails.

Regarding the Login System…this is a great question.
The short answer is: Yes, you can.
As in all logins and registrations, this requires some serious security considerations.
I strongly recommend taking the time to read a bit about how to make a good login system, you can start here .

Just to pinpoint some highlights, here are a few questions you should ask yourself:

How can I verify a user?
Should I store (and therefore send over the web) the users password? Note that this means sniffing the net will reveal the password.
A good way of dealing with that is using a Hash Function (with or without salt) .
How can I create persistency?
We don’t want the user to login every time he switches a page. Also, what if we want to have a ‘Remember me’ options?
This probably means that we should have a token that is save in the browser .
This also means you’ll have to create a token that cannot be used from another browser, otherwise it can be stolen.
This kind of token will be used by your app for almost any user operation.
see here about how to save info in browser using Wix Code.
Having a ‘Remember Me’ option means that you’ll have to write a code that, when navigating to your site, check if a token exists and then verifies it with your database.
This also means that you night want to set a Time To Live for such a token.

Hope this helps,


That’s a lot to consider and I’d love to approach that and fulfill that task. Yet, I’m afraid it requires the use of coding to achieve the aforementioned tasks. Could anyone provide any assistance getting the coding down? :slight_smile:



Hi Jason,

Yes. It does require a coding. Should you decide to try yourself - you’ll need to put some efforts to it and we will assist in specific issues.


Hi Liran,
this is a very interesting topic for me. Would there be someone within Wix that has the expertise to set this up for a cost?

Hi Adrian,

You can hire a web designer in Wix Arena

so if we can, how do we do it?