Create Orders with Wix Velo Code

Guys, I have really given up on this one. Wix released Create Order | VELO. Which they want us to use to create orders via velo. I have tried this for 10days with no success. error everywhere. If i use the old api, it works but wix send confirmation emails even if the order is un paid. anybody that has created a custom flow for creating order to help! I just want to create orders that are like normal order and can be refunded via wix dashboard

Wix Editor

What are you trying to achieve:
I want to create a clone of the wix checkout page but I want the orders to be paid under payment methods available on my site.

What have you already tried:
Tried this for 10 days and nothing works sofar

Would you mind sharing your code? Maybe there is something wrong because I’m able to create order with ecom API backend


Do you mind sharing the code you’re using. I have tried several code and nothing has seemed to work

@Quentin_Plomteux, all i need is the order backend code ser. I have scratched my head for 10-days trying to code a solution for a custom checkout page. I can create orders with the old version of the api but the orders aren’t attached to any payment method and they aren’t refundable. Am trying to use this new api and seing whether its possible to create orders and later attach a transaction so its refundable via wix dashboard though it was created using custom code

@Quentin_Plomteux, is this possible ser. if yes do you mind sharing the code for creating the order. I think thats what i need for sure. Thanks in advance!


Sorry I didn’t build any system that relies on payment. This is a tricky problem has it need to combine a transaction and an order. I’m not sure Wix’s Velo can do such thing.

You should rather create a checkout for your customer and sent them the checkout link so that they can do the payment themself within Wix ecom solution