Create #pricequotes on mobile app

I would like the ability to create price quotes on the mobile app so I don’t have to wait to get to my computer.

#featurerequest #pricequotes #ascend


You can create invoices right now from the app, but not quotes. This is currently in the pipeline and here is the actual place for you to sign up for notifications on this feature:

i am waiting 4 day now for my mobile app can you help ?

@informalmusic57 go to your mobile app store and search for Wix.

I am paying £40 for it to go to Apple and Android a month and I’ve been waiting over 5 days

The Wix App is free and is just call Wix. If you are using My Mobile App or Instant Mobile App from the Wix Market Place , contact them directly since those are 3rd party and not owned or managed by Wix.

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