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Hey everyone,
I wrote a function that enables you to make an editor text component have responsive font size. It uses vw units. It means the text changes size when changing the size of the browser window.
1 vw = 1% of viewport’s width
I think it can also work with em units.

I made this website that has a documentation page I wrote for this. (keep in mind I’m a designer and amateur wix code programmer :slight_smile: But I think it could be useful for a lot of people)

This is the link:



That is so genius of you! Thank you for doing this, I will start using it. That function should be built in into Wix as a checkbox on all Text Elements. Make responsive as checkbox.


Great! This is a very good tool. It will expand the editor’s capabilities. Previously, I had to give up some ideas, but now I can use them))

Way out of my league (for now) but I like it. One day I’ll be almost like you. Great stuff!

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Does-it mean that we can do this with all the wix elements to create a fully responsive wix site? Any information about a new wix editor for responsive sites ?

Studio Shapeshift - No, this only works for text elements. Responsive functionality within the editor is in the works, I can’t exactly say when it’ll be out, but stay tuned.

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Hello Johanna,

Responsive functionality within the editor is in the works, I can’t exactly say when it’ll be out, but stay tuned.
Does it mean that all the elements in wix will be responsive to the screen width in the future and mobile view will work without much changes in the mobile view editor??

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Hey Eugene, are you sure the editor has a text border option? I’m pretty sure there’s no way to do that but I would love to know if you found a way.
Anyway, regarding text styling options, you can only use the styling options listed here:$w.Text.html

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Oh cool. :slight_smile: Maybe text shadow could work.

(I just wrote to Wix forum about having a better responsiveness: vertically, fluid, etc.).


Hi! Many thanks for this feature. I used it on a new website. Responsive text can also be used if you need to center an element on a page. But I hope for the possibility of full adaptation of the site in the near future.

@eugene-m That is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

How were you able to keep the text left aligned on the screen? The code makes the text smaller as I shrink the screen, but the text goes off screen to the left so I can no longer see it.

use “pin to screen”

Very nice!

the responsive works really well on type, anyone played with setting a font size maximum? so that text is responsive under a certain px base and not above. (wix code novice here)

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@johannaa pin to screen is magic, have you figured out how to hide pinned elements on a page until you reach them on a scroll!? I have been trying with no luck!

Hi there, could you help find where to paste this code?

Hi there, this is wonderful code – impressive work on this, and thank you for sharing! I have some troubleshooting questions:

1.) This code seems to force left alignment on my text, when I need it to stay centered. What causes this, and how can the text remain centered, while using your code?

2.) I want to use your code to apply it to multiple types of headers, paragraphs, etc. It seems to only apply to one type of element/theme/size/color/etc. at a time. How can I apply your responsive text concept to various types of elements, for example, h1, h2, p1, p2, etc.?

Thanks again!

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@johannaa Is there a way to apply this to a group of elements? I’m having trouble getting it to work