Creating a bespoke members collection - any limitations?


I’m looking at creating a bespoke members collection, because I need a bit more flexibility than I get from the in built one.

Are there any disadvantages to this approach, apart from the extra work?

Specifically, are there security considerations, or does Wix still handle passwords etc, including forgotten password recovery, so that I never have to touch or see this data (other than passing it to the API etc)?


If you don’t want to use the Wix Members app that is already provided to you through Wix Editor.

Then you can simply look at creating your own through code instead, here are a few examples.

For passwords, that is all handled through Wix as we can’t currently make our own custom forgot password lightboxes, like we can do already with custom lightboxes for login and signup instead of using the Wix default or Wix custom form.