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Seriously! Wix website is a well known website builder, But you guys cannot provide as this simple but yet very effective and save time for making unnecessary work around pre-made drop down menu to show the sub sub-pages. Please make this happen. I’ve seen so many request for this one.


You can follow the workaround for this scenario mentioned here . Note that you can call the show & hide function to show the buttons on the onMouseIn / onMouseOut events to create a hover effect.


Completely with you on this. Why not? Come on WIX make it happen :wink: And whil we are at it: Why don’t you make it possible to make a sub collection in stores? And a customizer (Size, colour etc)


Dear WIX,
Although best practices for drop down menus should be to keep it as simple as possible, there are always exceptions and there should always be options. Telling a customer to use a work-around is only acceptable if there are assurances that a fix for this is currently being developed and is coming very soon.
This is a very basic and important feature that has always been incorporated into web page builders, from the earliest versions of Dreamweaver (for you old IT guys like me) to the latest cloud based drag and drop builders. Even just one request for a feature of this nature should have been enough for you to rectify this oversight immediately. I would think it would only take about 15 minutes for one of your many coders to write and then update the wix software. There are many open source examples in most of the programming languages for multi-level dropdown menus or I could offer my assistance / consultation on this issue if you need help.
Please expedite this update and other basic maintenance issues I read about in this forum.
Passive aggressive old IT guy




Wix doesn’t do anything quickly. Anyone that has been using it for as long as I have should know this. This is such an easy code to fix and I have so many customers that ask for this, yet I have to move them to WordPress or another platform to make it happen for my customers. I too am a passive agressive old IT guy. Well, only 42, but have been in IT for 21 years…lol. Anyway, there are other very simple problems I have pointed out to Wix coders over the phone (well, at least their project managers), but they have yet to fix those minor issues as well. Corvid is a “garbage” for coders, being that it is very limited on what you can change in their already somewhat useful apps. I mean something simple like telling a button to go to anther page from an app is not even aloud in Corvid.
I really hope this issue gets resolved quickly.

A great example of what I’d like is looking at the “SERVICES” tab of this website:
I have several customers in the same business category looking to get this done on thier Wix websites. I have to tell them that it’s not possible and I have to point them to another platform, just to not lose their busienss as a Wix Expert. I would really love to stay on the Wix platform for all of my customers, because there are great ways to trick the web builder to get it to do what you need by using other Wix apps that weren’t meant for that purpose, but it gets the job done done. However, it’s just not possible. I have had some functionality issues with it on many websites that should be EXTREMELY easy for a coder to fix. However, it appears Wix just doens’t have the manpower or the right Project Managers to prioritize what needs to get done. It seems as though once they’re on a project to get something coded, they can’t bounce off of that project or deligate one coder to fix minor issues. Pretty sad way to run their business if you ask me, but I suppose we’re all in the same boat. We ALL have play the “SIT AND WAIT GAME” until they find a solution (usually years out for their minor issues).

Well, good luck to you all on your web design endeavors, and yes, the work-around in this running blog is really not a work-around for the functionality we’re all looking for. It’s just creating another “hidden” page to add more tabs. Anyone working with Wix could have figured out that work-around. It’s an added step that comapnies DO NOT WANT their customers to take. I’m already having to figure out a multi-step process for a customer that they are wanting to cut down to either 3-5 steps. This I’m actually going to have to code the HTML on the outside of Wix (another web-based software program) and then add the functionality in a widget by adding it as an HTML embed to the Wix site. Anyway, as I mentioned, good luck to you all.


Just dropping by to let you know post-lockdown you’d thought at least a mega menu feature would’ve released… of course not! I’m currently fiddling around doing my 3 layered menu and there’s really no way over it.


I made a huge mistake in assuming a simple drop down menu would be available when I signed up (and bought the domain already so I can’t leave) I see so many complaints about this for years. I’m building a site for a friend and am ashamed to show him some crap with Buttons! So frustrated.

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“huge mistake”? Not really.

You can create dropdown menus right from the Editor:

The end result looks like this:

You can also create a Mega Menu by following the example.

If you need further details or clarification, I would recommend contacting Wix Customer Care , since they’ll be better able to assist you with issues regarding the Editor and site/page options.

Yisreael, I’ve been meaning to respond to your answer. I still very much feel it was a huge mistake to go with Wix.

I should have been more clear in my question here. I need a sub sub-menu.

I can only do this with Wix if I want to learn java which I have not interest in doing. When I contacted Wix Customer Care , I was sent an email letting me know I get 20 hours of Covid training for free! Or, of course hire one of their partners to do it.

I’ve been using Weebly for years with such easy sub submenus it never occurred to me to see if Wix also had that feature. I came to Wix because I need separate page passwords because my friend is teaching more classes now. and Weebly doesn’t offer that feature.

You win some, you loose some.

Yisreael, I have a email from you but I can’t seem to access it here in the forum. Here is what came. I’d love to know what you said:)
Your email:

Yisrael (Wix) Commented on a Post

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Sorry if I got carried away - I’m a code guy and not a design guy. If you want, you can manage your menu in the Edit…
Check It Out

When i click ‘check it out’ i get this:

Nothing’s Showing Up
The page you are looking for can’t be found. Head back and keep exploring the forum.


Thought you should know… cheers

Sorry, my mistake. For some reason I started to add to previous reply regarding sub menus. I then realized that it’s not relevant since you want sub-sub, which is not currently supported. The only solution would be the Mega Menu .