Creating Member through email verification link doesn't create _owner in db

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I’ve got a tricky one for you - I have a setup whereby site members have to register on a custom registration page. They then get sent an email with an approval token which they have to click to verify their account - all standard WiX stuff and it works beautifully,…however I’ve just realized that when doing it this way the “_owner” field in my database stays empty (which is something that doesn’t happen if registering without an approval token (via email) on the same registration form). I’ve even tried hardcoding the _owner field on the registration form but to no avail. One also can’t set the _owner field programmatically once the user is logged in using some sort of trigger, so after the account has been created it seems there is no way to correct this blank field.

The problem this creates is quite big - I often use datasets on my websites and set the filter to ‘Owner is Logged-in User’ to show member-specific data on non-dynamic pages. This now no longer works as the _owner field is undefined, causing a ripple effect for any other datasets that is set to filter on this one.

Any ideas?

May be it’s a logical issue. Simply put this is the current flow: Click to register > Receive email > Click verify > Insert > then allow login since token was verified.

Instead of: Register > Login > Insert > Owner captured before insert because they are already logged in.

Or maybe its a program bug that the developers overlooked.

(I personally prefer to filter by owner as it involves the least amount of code that can allow you to get the most creative. Although, worse case scenario ---- you could always change your code logic to filter by email address instead of owner.)

@nayeli I agree with you on the logic, however if the person registers and is then sent a link to verify his email and clicks on the link to bring him back to the verification page on the website without capturing his info at initial registration, how will I know what info is his to insert post-login? Am I missing something…?

Yeah. I doesn’t make any sense. Because if the token is verifying … then technically the code already knows who it is … so why wouldn’t it insert it ?

I feel like … something was overlooked. Perhaps we can get a developer to look at your post.

@stevenjose could you get some CorvidDevelopers eyes on this thread to see if they have a suggestion? Possible bug?

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@nayeli will see if I can get someone to take a look.