Creating Overlapping Transparent Header in Wix Studio

How can I create an overlapping transparent header so that the image above the fold is layered under the header and the header is not a band of white or color, but rather is logo and text overlaid on the photo from above the fold?

Wix Studio Editor

What are you trying to achieve:
I need the header to have the photo background stretched behind like the one example shown here but I can’t; i do not want a white header. So I am trying to make my header an overlapping transparent header. Any guides on this process?

What have you already tried:
I’ve searched online but only find info for older wix platforms. I’ve tried creating containers and stretching it up to the top of the page in a layer under the header, but that isn’t working. I’ve

Additional information:
I have found solutions for this on youtube but they are dated material built for the older editing platforms. I need to know how to do this on Wix Studio Editor specifically.

Click the header and check out the toolbar settings for position and scroll effect if you want it to turn white or something once your start scrolling. There are positions that allow the header to overlap the next section (like hero image).


Honestly this helped me


Thank you @Marian1 this led me down a path to find what i needed!!

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