Creating product bundles

Hey everyone,

I need some help with creating a product bundle. My client sells cookie boxes with either 6 or 12 cookies inside. He would like the customer to be able to select 6 or 12 and then select the cookies they would like with the amount of each one. Also I need help to limit the boxes to minimum 6 or 12 and maximum 6 or 12. Hopefully this makes sense!

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Hello. Your use case makes sense, but I think to assist you will need to provide a little more information about what you are doing and where you are in the process.

Are you using a WixStore or have you created a completely custom site? How far have you gotten and where specifically are you stuck? Please post any relevant code snippets, etc to give anyone who sees this site more context about where you are stuck.

Hi Amanda, just following up on this, I am trying to implement exactly the same design logic for my own business. Iā€™m currently using a Wix store (but appreciate I might need to get some custom code involved). Is there anything Wix offers out of box to drive this?