Creating Pull Quotes

Does anyone have a method to add in an inset pull quote image or element to a paragraph? Obviously in something like WP the editor can just insert an image for instance and then set the alignment to position the image and create the text runaround, but that isn’t an option with a paragraph element in Editor X. I did see this article but there isn’t really any directions on how they achieved this, but maybe this is a feature of the default Wix rather than Editor X. Thanks.

There seems to be two questions here; one about pull quotes and text wrap.
For the pull quote, it seems like it would just be larger text, probably in bold text.
I would probably recommend stacking the text to make sure the elements stay aligned.

This article is about the Editor request for text wrapping but that sounds like the feature you are referring to.
Considering it’s a blog post, they probably did something similar to splitting the text boxes around the images.