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How to show a price in a certain currency and make the paymnent in another?

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What are you trying to achieve:
Hi there. I have a store in EUR but I since the credit card company can only accept payments in another currency (say, USD), all the payments in the store are refused.
I guess I’m trying to to find a solution of a conversion that will take place behind the scenes: for example, 100 EUR is being displayed as the price, but the actual price that will be sent to the credit card company is 100*1.1 = 110 USD (1.1 being the currncy convertion rate).
Can this one be achieved?

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I would take a look at the events API’s for Wix stores and see at which point in the flow would make the most sense for your implementation.

This way “on some event” you can put your calculation logic in there and send it off.

One thing I would check that I am not personally sure about is if you have to display the conversion rate or final actual charge for the user to agree to legally prior to processing.