custom integration with B2B platform Brandboom using open API

I want to intregrate wix with a 3rd party platform. Our B2B platform brandboom.

Probably the best place to start is with the wix fetch API .
There are some docs here:


Hi Elena,

What specifically would you like to do after connecting to the Brandboom platform (i.e. add an order, view product information, etc.)?

Would you like to do this on your own or do you need assistance? If so, try reaching us through our website.


Hi Nick,
I want all sales (order information) on Wix to be registered in Bandboom. So sales figures and stock inventory is integrated.

I think i would need assistance.


Hi Elena,

Few things to note.

As of today, out of the box, if using the WIX Stores App, there is no Wix Code way to get the Order Info. directly through an API like “wix-orders”. This means then there is not a simple way to send the Order info directly to Bandboom after the Order has been submitted. This is because WIX Code is not notifying, thru code, when an Order has been submitted and is not supplying Order details (in code) upon Order completion. The Order step in WIX Stores for now is kind of a black box.

There are, however, a few workarounds. Here are 2 ways to get the Order info. and submit to Bandboom:

  1. By parsing out the Order confirmation email (in a tool called Zapier) and then have Zapier call a custom Public WIX function/API created on your site to then call the Bandboom API. (see this post from Andreas Kviby - )

  2. By customizing the Products pages (w/ using WIX Code to display and manage the Products) store and then use the WIX Payments to submit the payment into. You would need to then create an Orders collection to manage the Orders within WIX Code. You would lose much of the built-in WIX Store app functionality like managing Orders and automatically sending email confirmations on various events (i.e. like “Your order has shipped” email notification).

Long story short, there is a bit of coding and configuration that needs to take place in order to accomplish this today. It can be done though.

We could potentially assist you with an initial test integration and if that works out, we could proceed to a “Production ready” solution. Let us know.


Hi Nick,
Thanks for looking into this.

I have no knowledge what so ever in coding or anything that you are mentioning above.
How much would it be to get your help on this?

@info4298 you can email at to discuss further.