Custom Member sign up with Email Verification

hey, i’ve been trying to implement this feature but can’t figure out.

I’ve done all the necessary changes, but can’t figure out how to send the approval code to the user’s email signing up? I even went through the documentation, but still don’t understand. It would be very helpful if you can help me in a personalized way.
Also, how should i define the contactID field in the collection. Becasue it shows an exclamatory symbol and asks to define it.
Thanks in advance!

Hey Roshan,

Please provide us with a snippet of your code that isn’t working and a link to your site, so we can have a closer look. See the community guidelines here .

Right now, I wouldn’t be able to tell you why it’s not working for you without seeing the code and the site.

Make sure you have created the correct file types for the backend code.


Dara | Corvid Team