Customize "Wix signup/login lightbox"

Hi everyone.
One necessary thing on Wix is customization option for “Wix sign up/login lightbox” as well as this is possible for “member login bar” ( it’s nice for different interfaces ).
How to do ?

For example just like this “log in” bar customization (below).

after customization >

P.S. who need this option please your request on comment or vote post.


Yes, I agree. I think it’s time we have access to change the standard/basic as can be, login screen lightbox. You can make new log in screen from scratch but then there’s some coding involved to make it work. Not too complicated though. I appreciate all the hard work Wix team.:ok_hand:

Wix team

I created custom log in pages for 2 different website by following the code here.
I also customized the buttons and added a user profile pic option. They all work.
However, both websites experience this same issue which is very frustrating.
When I log in the button doesn’t switch to logout and the profile button doesn’t show up. After a few times I realized when I refresh the page it shows the correct states of the buttons. Basically the login page doesn’t download correctly at first and has to be refreshed. Has anyone experienced this?
Here are the 2 sites

Looked and registered at your sites:-)
Seems you have been able to edit the wix login success lightbox (and the other wix standard lightbox messages that seems to be unvailable…) Nice work! How did you do this? Or did you create a workaround?

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@esile66 Hi. I think this notification is a default behavior that just got created by wix. I am not sure which other work arounds you are referring to but I spent quite a bit of time on both sites to accommodate the client’s needs.

@info52 In the sign-up process, it seemed well customised - well done by Wix then:-)

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