Customizing the Full-Screen View of a Photo from a Wix Pro Gallery

Howdy folks,

I am trying customize what a Wix Pro Gallery full-size expanded view of a photo looks like. For instance, I’d like to add a custom Download button and a Creative Commons license logo, like this:

Is this possible? If not, is there another gallery option?
Thanks for the wisdom!

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This form is specialised with wix code product, please contact as they can help you best.

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I did contacted the support for the same thing, customizing expand mode and full screen mode, and they brought me back to the velo community. I discussed with @Yisrael , and well no code is really avaible with pro gallery.

In my case, i have clients that don’t want this white freaking arrows and close buttons, and i know i could make them disapear with code (sending datas from a gallery dataset to a lightbox) but it would take me 2 weeks just for having these arrows disapeared (they have more than 200 pictures)…

I also point that in mobile, the arrows doesn’t show !

Just adding few personnalization would make it “proer”…