Database to look nice on a mobile device cell phone?

Hello, I’m new so I will apologize for being a newbie, and a bit lost when it comes to database. This will be my first database and I’m using this example of a chamber of commerce website.

I have two issues:

  1. The database looks ok on a desktop or a tablet. So how to get this database to look nice on a mobile device cell phone?

  2. The second issue I’m looking at is the column called Map. I do have a URL example but I just wanted this to say “Map” and have it linked to the url @ google map?

I would appreciate any help because I have no idea and as I’ve said I’m lost.

You can check out the mobile editor to view its look on a mobile device.
As for your second query, I would recommend using a repeater instead of a table. You’ll be able to link the button to the relevant Google map.You can read more about Displaying Dynamic Content in a Repeater here .


Thank you for the information! It did help! I know it takes me a very long time to figure anything out I’m not that gifted. They will probably ask me for a drop down on specifying things and a category to display. Instead of showing all. I don’t believe I’ll be able to do it. Like anything if you know how to do something it’s easy. If they do ask me to do a drop down a terribly will have to pay someone so thank you for the information it did help.

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midgroup … if you need help … there are tutorials on youtube … also … i offer private tutoring …

And …

Happy Coding :slight_smile: