Dataset repeater position on page

I am trying to have the last item on a dataset repeater be left justified instead of in the center.

This is what it currently looks like. I do not want the entire repeater on the left side of the page, so that is why the item alignment is centered.

This is what I want it to look like.

Thanks for the screenshot @madisonpd3 as I can see how the setup for the repeater is laid out. Currently the Item Alignment is set to Center. You can set the alignment to Start so it shows the item aligned to the beginning.

This is what happens when I make the item element at start. We want the repeater centered on the page even while adapting to different screen sizes.

Create a 3 column grid. Add the repeater to the middle column and set the middle column to Auto(if the repeater width has a set width instead of filling the section)(or whatever width you want the repeater to be). Set the 2 outer columns to 1fr. Then you should be set

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@noahlovell Okay, so I tried that and I still seem to have the same problem. The repeater is still showing up on the left side of the center grid when I only want the last item of the repeater to show up on the left side of the grid.

@madisonpd3 Have you followed @Rob above comment and set its alignment to start?

@madisonpd3 Had formulated a reply and doesn’t seem to have sent. I looked at the first screenshot you shared and see that the repeater is stretched . For my example, I had the repeater sized around 70% so it doesn’t fill up the entire section.

I made a video as well with audio that might help. Big thing to note was I used the Number of Items. You can also try padding the section as well.

@Rob The screen at 2:38 is exactly what we are going for, but the problem comes when you start to change the screen size. Is there something we can do to make sure that the items are centered on the screen no matter the screen size?

@madisonpd3 I think using the space around would be best. Or having a minimum width to the items and/or a maximum width so they don’t get to too wide. Hard to tell exactly but as I mentioned, having 2 items per row seems to work best to keep them centered.