Date format changes when page loads

I have a dynamic page. On the page I have text linked to a database, the text displays a date.

When the page first loads the date shows in the correct format, however after about 3 seconds the date format changes.

This is the code im using:

import wixUsers from ‘wix-users’;

$w.onReady( function () {

    $w("#dateDataset").onReady(() => { 

// Get the date from the date field of the current item
const date = $w(“#dateDataset”).getCurrentItem()._createdDate;
// Define the date preferences
const options = {
weekday: “short”,
year: “numeric”,
month: “long”,
day: “numeric”
// Display the date in the text element using the defined preferences
$w(“#dateText”).text = date.toLocaleDateString(“en-US”, options);

Anyone know why the date is format is changing automatically ?

MIke, are you saying the first time is OK and the second time it´s not (not displaying the format you provided)?
Because I had it the other way around: display wrong, flicker, display right. That had to do with the double rendering: first time at BACKEND (where toLocaleDateString is not available, because it´s a browser function) and second time at BROWSER, using the toLocaleDateString.
Don´t know if this helps.

I’m saying that when the page first loads the date is displayed in the correct format but then after about 3 seconds the date format changes and displays the default WIX date format. I already loaded the page in multiple web browsers, all with same result.

Seems to be a known bug with the WIX system: