I have two datepicker on my rental site (datepicker "start date" and datepicker "end date"). I would like to differentiate :
- Dates that cannot be selected because the period is no longer available: for example they could be crossed out
- Dates that cannot be selected because it is not a possible day of arrival or departure: for example, they could be grayed out.
I am using code with disabledDates, which allows me to gray out the dates I want.
Is there a way to strike out some dates or have them in a different color?

Another question: this code allows me to desactivate certain days of the week for the whole year:
$ w ("#datePickerarrivee"). disabledDaysOfWeek = [0, 1, 2];
Is it possible to desactivate certain days of the week for certain months only?

Thanks a lot for your help,
With code you can disable whatever dates you wish, based on the day of the week or any other factor.

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Thank you for your feedback.
I’m already using “disabledDates” to disable days of the week that can’t be selected, it works. I will manage with my database to apply it on a monthly basis.
But I would especially like the “busy” periods to be crossed out while the days of the week that cannot be selected are grayed out.
But I have the impression that this is not possible on WIX …

No. You can’t do it with Wix datepickers. You can try make your own datepicker in an iframe or custom element.

Thank you, I will be able to stop my research!
Too bad because other solutions that you mention may not be part of my skills ...