Dates from database not exporting correctly...

I’d like to export my database as a CSV. However, when I do, the dates do not export correctly - they export as -1 day. i.e the log for the 18/09/26 is displayed as 18/09/25 in my .csv. Please can someone help?

This is what I see in my live editable database in wix:

This is what I’m seeing in my Excel .csv export file:

I am having the same issue. Does anyone have a solution?

The correct local time is written to the collections, but when exported, it appears to use the UTC equivalent date and time . Since I don’t no any reason why anyone would prefer that, I would consider this a bug. It would be good for one of the Wix moderators to weigh in on this.

There are probably ways to deal with how it works currently if need be, but it would surely be better to correct it at its source.

Thanks Anthony. The problem is that the field I have set up is for Date of Birth, so it is always a date in the past, but it still seems to do it anyway. It is manageable if ALL the dates are wrong, but I have no way of knowing this unfortunately - it shouldn’t be dependant on what TIME people fill out the form!

@webmaster60841 What I’m observing is that all of the dates exported to Excel are what they would have been UTC time. I just now submitted something into my sandbox data, and then exported to Excel. The date written to the collection is correctly 22:28 with the right date of 3/26, but in Excel it’s 2019-03-27T05:28:22Z, seven hours later and 3/27. Pacific Time is seven hours behind UTC. I’ve checked other dates too, and also entered my birthday into a date field. It did the same thing with the date when exported except in the winter, without daylight savings time, the difference is eight hours.

Hello , You found any solution on this. Because i got same issue . Please help me