Default Product Page navigation not firing $w()OnReady?

Hi, have searched and haven’t found any reference to this, so apologies if I’ve missed something.

I am collecting the Product object from the current page in the page’s OnReady() event, feeding the price of it into a HTMLComponent on the page via the Messaging, and then updating an element within the HTMLComponent’s frame with the price. (The end result won’t be just that, but it’s a convenient way of making sure everything is passed through as expected while building)

It’s working as expected with loading a fresh page coming in from the category page to the product. However, I have the Navigation set to being Visible, and use of the Next/Previous buttons to go from product to product doesn’t appear to call $w()OnReady to then be able to repopulate it with the current product’s data. I have called the debugger in the OnReady and it breaks there as expected on the 1st product load, but doesn’t subsequently when using the navigation.

Am guessing I have missed something obvious to more experienced Wix/Velo users, another event that isn’t showing up when I search maybe?

code am using is below, in case that sheds any light to more experienced eyes:

$w . onReady ( function () {
debugger ;
// Write your Javascript code here using the Velo framework API
$w ( ‘#productPage1’ ). getProduct ()
. then (( product ) => {
let pageproductprice = product . discountedPrice . toFixed ( 2 );

        $w ( "#htmlCompPP" ). scrolling  =  "no" 
        //console.log("sending msg, product price = " + pageproductprice) 
        console . log ( "pageproductprice "  +  pageproductprice ); 
        // send message to the HTML element 
        $w ( "#htmlCompPP" ). postMessage ( pageproductprice ); 
    . **catch** (( error ) => { 
        console . log ( "oops" ); 


content of the HTMLComponent:

.label { font-family: 'Arial'; } HTML Label