design area for customer design in Website

I do laser engraving on glass, acrylic and wood. I want to add to my website an area for customers to add different font (names or sayings) / images to items in real time. has anyone designed some thing like this? any insight on where to start?
Any suggestions would be GREATLY appreciated


For the font, I would use a dropdown with a selection of different fonts and use a JS switch to set your text’s html property accordingly.

If you’d like for them to upload their own images, then add an upload button and get the URL of the image once it’s been uploaded. Then all you have to do is set your placeholder image’s src to the new URL.

if i’m using the wix web builder, do i only have the font that are available to use as available fonts, or can others be added/ loaded? If so how is this accomplished? Assistance is appreciated.

You can upload fonts by creating a text element and changing its font property; there is a button at the bottom of the font list that says upload font.

Once you’ve changed it to the font you want, you can use console.log($w(‘#text1’).html) in the page’s onReady function and that will print out the html style tags you need to use in the JS switch in the preview console.