directory structure of wix

I am asking for a friend that has an account in
I’d like to automate the process of setting up thunderbird configuration, so i must use autodiscovery which requires to put the configuration in the .well-known directory.

My question is: are there any plans from to support such feature or not. Because if not, i will move her page to a wordpress or so.

edit: just noticed this router thingen. Wondering if it is possible to create a router that listens to .well-known and provides the xml. If someone could answer that, would be great.

I would start here for reading how to set up external email clients within a wix site

as far as access to that specific directory. no this is not supported

she has no gmail nor does this answer my question in any way. or i dont understand what you mean.
she has a 3rd party email provider that is not listed in the IPDB of thunderbird , because the smtp/imap server are public ones, but her domain of course is not, so autodiscovery via IPDB does not work.
the only way to configure the clients automatically is to use such .xml in the file directory as described here
But to do so, i must add the .xml to exactly that location.
If the router can be configured to listen for exactly that location and i can read the .xml and provide it as stream, i could imagine that this works too. But i dont want to spend ours in reading how wix routers work, if my goal is not possible with that.

Routers listen for incoming requests but are not going to give you access to resources “under the hood” of wix. So, afaik no but I’ve never personally set up thunderbird so perhaps someone else in the community knows of a way

I think your best bet will be contained within this bit of documentation. If i were you id do what everyone else is doing now a days and copy paste it into chatGPT or something like that if you want a shortened version of the text thats a bit easier to comprehend.

it doesnt matter if its for thunderbird, apple pay, automatic ssl certification or whatever. a ton of configs can be put in .well-known. so i make the question a bit easier, without all the other tools and reasons why i want to use it:

is it possible to create a router, that when i access the webpage at, a xml is provided?
the xml can easily be fetched with javascript. i have some servers where i can upload it to and do a request. i guess i can also upload the xml to some media “store” of wix.
the question is: can the router do that.

but there are tons of pitfalls, like:

  • do i have to 301/302 the request?
    because it looks like the url must be some kind of - i dont have this myRouter, this would be .well-known
  • is there some more restrictions from wix that prevent me from doing such stuff
  • do i have to use a prefix, because the request would contain no prefix - it must return a raw .xml, without forced html/js around that
    i have no problem in studying some stuff, but it would really pss me off when i do that and then it does not work because… wix is blocking something or so :wink:

chatgpt gave me that. tbh doesnt look that bad, i will try that tomorrow. never had to deal with “wix”-routers. btw, wix means something very rude/nasty in germany :wink:

import wixRouter from 'wix-router';

// create router for /autodiscovery.xml
export function myRouter(request) {
  const path = request.path;
  if (path === '/.well-known/autodiscovery.xml') {
    const xmlContent = `<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
    return {
      body: xmlContent,
      headers: {
        'Content-Type': 'application/xml'

// register the router
$w.onReady(() => {
  wixRouter.registerRoute('/.well-known/autodiscovery.xml', myRouter);

after a night sleeping over that, it is simply impossible. i was sleepy yesterday evening, thats why i did not think about the process and how the engines in the backend work (e.g. thunderbird when it tries to access the xml). when i access, there is no js executed at all, so this is simply not possible. even if i could point thunderbird to autodiscover.html which would theoretically execute js in a browser and print me the raw xml, i dont know (and i guess and hope not) if thunderbird executes that so it gets the xml.
in that case i’ll recommend her to switch to another hosting solution that allows such stuff. as those requests regarding this were made 4 or 5 years ago, and there seems to be no tracking available nor any progress or need to implement those configs, therefore i highly recommend her to take another hoster.