Directory website or proximity services

So, is it possible to create a website with EditorX or Wix, to be a directory filtered by some parameters (e.g. ZIP or city…) or the content would be listed and displayed in relation to location proximity (using e.g. Google maps or Open maps…)?

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I want to clarify your goal
you want content on the site to be displayed based on the users’ location?
if so, the location should be selected by the user or by the site itself?

Yes, the content would be displayed on user location (e.g. services directory… closest plumber for example) selected by site itself (or by the user as an option) or by some other parameter like most voted content or or cheapest offer….

I think about this repeater tool:
@Rob , what do you think about this?

For user selection, it would be similar to the article Andrii shared.

All of this is assuming you’re using the Content Manager to display the information .

For most things to be done automatically on the site, it would require the use of Velo coding. There’s some examples on how to filter by various options and there is an example for getting how to get the current location for a user.

Since you mentioned it, you can set up featured items.

For more info on it, you can check out the Velo forum and you can contact customer support and they can forward it to the team who can investigate offline .

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