Disable blue tap highlight in Chrome Mobile?

In mobile website, when we have any button or other element like image which is linked to a page/any link, whenever you tap on it, there’s a blue highlight that appears on that element. It doesn’t look good visually and I would like to disable that.
Here’s a similar query I found on StackOverFlow (https://stackoverflow.com/questions/3169786/clear-text-selection-with-javascript) but I don’t know how to make this work.

Note: I’m aware that it might make my website inaccessible to visually challenged people, but unfortunately I have to remove that.

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Do you find any solution for the problem. I have a similar problem and trying to fix it. Thanks :slight_smile:

Unfortunately no. One work around, however, is to use Vector files and link them. For example, if it’s “buy now” button, then you can design it in a software in svg format, upload, place and then link it. (From add illustration tab)

It’s a bit more work but that blue tap highlight won’t appear when you click on a vector illustration.