Disconnect table from dataset during filter /sort operation

Hey wix team, coders,

Is it possible to disconnect wix table from the dataset during a sequential filter and sort operation and connect it back after the operation using code?

My problem is this:
I have a table and a dataset connected to it. I have situations where multiple filter and sorting operations need to be done on the dataset. But this is creating small visual table refreshes and users can see the sequential operation being done by looking at the table and its loading indicator. This is a little issue in case of big datasets with multiple filter and sorting operations.

So my idea is to disconnect the table before the multiple sequential operation and connect it back to the dataset when operation is done. Is it possible or is it a good idea??


please share some more context on the filtering, one option is to add a button and disconnect the various drop-downs to only apply the query once all filters and sort are set. not sure if the way you are going is conventional in web design today but please share some more details, screenshots and code


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Hey Shlomi,

Thanks for your reply. I solved my issue using query instead of filter and sort operation separately . I didn’t knew about how query operation worked till now and I was only using filter and sort operation for all my task. But now I am using a query to get the filter and sort operation done at the same time and it is working as expected.


cool, glad to hear!