Display a ‘dynamic table’ inside dynamic pages?

I have a dynamic page connected to a dataset holds information such as ‘page title’, ‘image’, ‘paragraph about today’, this information is connected to the dynamic page. Each page displays days 1-40, each day has a different title, image and paragraph.

I need to display a ‘dynamic’ table, the table would hold 3 rows of information per day. The table has information relevant to the 1-40 days.
I want the tables data to change as the user switches between pages. The table needs to show data for the relevant day only.

The user would see a page like this

As they click through the pages, the table should only display the relevant day. Heres what the table database would look like

and finally, here’s how we display the relevant data on the dynamic pages.

Ideally, I would add a dataset and filter out the day I need. or somehow link the table database through the ‘mainPageDisplay’ database.

Is this possible? Any guidance will be greatly appreciated.


I have the exact same question, its been a year since the OP but maybe a necropost will be brought to the top with my comment.

Hello everyone,
Have you found a solution to this problem?
I’ve been searching for a week. I’ve tried every method.
Thank you and good luck

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