Display color variations the store gallery

Hi There,
I have an online jewelry business. I sell a few number of product but I have many color variations by items.

I want to display all the colors variation in the grid gallery of my store so that the customer see that the product is available in many colors and also that my gallery looks a bit more full.

What I’m doing now is to duplicate the product and then change the main image.

But when i need to update the inventory of my stock it becomes very messy and time consuming as i need to update all the colors variations of all the duplicated items.

I was wondering if there would be a way to acheive what i want by using wix code so that i have only 1 product with color variations and the gallery is displaying all of them.

I have been using Wix store for about 1 year but don’t know anything about code…
Any tips or ideas are welcome,

Thank you very much,


Look at this video as a starter from Uval

Thanks Andreas,

I have watch the video and created my own repeater. The only problem that I have is that I can’t seem to be able to display products by collections (I have separated my products in categorie using collection ; bracelets, earrings, necklaces …)
Also cannot connect the color to the productoptions, I don’t know why.

If anyone has a clue about this issue please share with me !

Thank you

You can search collection products by querying the collections.id attribute. You can check out the example mentioned here .

I hope it’s clear.


Hello Tal,

I’m sorry but i have tried to copy-paste the code on my site but it’s not working. I’m not an expert in coding. could you guide me step by step on how to do this please ?

Thank you very much,


So…is there a solution for this?
I am needing the exact same. I have 1 product in three colors. I need my store to show all 3, yet when any of the 3 are clicked on, customer should still be seeing all three available colors and when purchased the inventory and SKU numbers should all be aware of the change in inventory. As is now, the SKU’s match yet they do not all update properly. One would think the system should recognize same SKU but it does not. This creates an inventory cluster f. Please help.

Not a coder, so I need a design solution.

Did you receive a response? When I reached out to Wix they said it needed to be coded in but I haven’t received if they have a tutorial for coding.

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