Display whole Collection Row without empty fields

Hey there

I’m really sure, that there is a simple way to do the following:

I have a Collection with 70 columns. Now i need to display a whole row without the empty fields, in a table. I select the row with a Dropdown entry.

Perhaps there is a horizontal scrollbar or there is a way to show the entrys from the row (from collection) in several rows in the table.

Below, the code i allready use:

export function auftragsIDAuswaehlenDropdown_change(event) {
.contains(‘bestellungsId’, $w(‘#auftragsIDAuswaehlenDropdown’).value)
.then(res => {
$w(‘#kundeTabelle’).rows = res.items;

.contains(‘bestellungsId’, $w(‘#auftragsIDAuswaehlenDropdown’).value)
.then(res => {
$w(‘#aussenansicht1Tabelle’).rows = res.items;

I looking forward for somebodys help…

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Hi Andy,

You will have to write some code to handle the results before you send them to the table.
Your code should look into every key and item (row) and remove keys that do not contain any data.

Hi Andy:

What is the effect you are looking for?

Is the result of your data collection query a single row or could it be multiple rows? You question implies it is only one row.

If you are stripping empty columns from multiple rows and the columns that you strip in each row are in different columns that could be tough to deal with. I’m not sure the table element will compress columns that are missing values.

Are you using the right element to display the data? Perhaps your requirement (if you are displaying a single row) is best suited to a horizontal repeater?

When I say a horizontal repeater what I mean is a repeater which is restricted by the number of elements you want to view on the horizontal say 5. Then after you have loaded the row information you can filter it to remove empty columns.

Once you have done this you can map the first 5 items to the repeater data field and populate the row. Add a next and back control button and when clicked you can move a sliding window of 5 elements through the repeater by assigning the next 5 items from the row data.


Load items 0 - 4
Click next → load items 1 - 5
Click next → load items 2 - 6
Click back → load items 1 - 5

This will give you a sliding effect horizontally.

Hope this is helpful