Displaying page with repeaters takes long time

on a wix web page I have 7 repeater controls. The data used is coming from collections and are stored in arrays. These arrays are then passed as data for the repeater. In the itemready events for the repeaters I’m filling the page elements with the correct values.
This is working nicely. However, it takes a long time to fill and display the page (not reading the data from the collections). Is there any known issue related to performance in passing arrays to repeaters? it takes about 10 seconds before the page is shown. There are no more than 6 items per repeater (at this time)
I also notice that editing/designing this page (with the 7 repeaters) is also much slower than ‘other’ pages.
Thank you.

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Hi, could you please share the link to your website - we’ll check performance.

Hi Gregory, thank you for your reply. Would it be possible to send the information to you in a private message? The information is stored in a member only site that is currently in development.
Thank you.

Maybe a couple of screenshots form you editor (page with repeaters) may help in understanding of the performance issue.

Checking your issue.

Hi Gregory,
I have been asking for help on an issue similar to this in another post but no help came thus far. I was hoping you can assist. This is the post I have been requesting info. https://www.wix.com/code/home/forum/questions-answers/mobile-load-time-dynamic-page-vs-datasets-on-existing-page

What the Wix expert was saying there was that a page load time depends on the content on that page but I have very very little content and it takes very long to load. Please see my post below

I have set my home page as a welcome page because loading my site on mobile is very slow. I literally just have about 10 small words a button and a very small icon on the page and it takes about 6 to 10 seconds to load the page with an internet down speed of 30 mbps average. I don’t think the phone is the issue either since I open 99% of pages in under 2 or 3 seconds. Even other Wix mobile sites that I have checked out takes 2 -3 seconds. What could be causing this? This is the URL https://www.easternstyles.com/ I have also attached a screenshot on the mobile site.

Please address this matter anyone.

Please check out this article we published and let us know if it helps:

Hi Tomer,
Thank you for your response. I ran the test. The landing page (welcome page) is opening faster but for some reason it is still taking a while to open the home page.

Hi Tomer,
unfortunately it does not work for me, no improvement in performance. Displaying the page is slow when used in a browser on mac and windows pc and also on a mobile device.


In related question…when does speed become a factor for loading a page with one repeater but lots of entries…how many entries can you have loading to the page before it begins to slow? 50, 100, 1000 or ?

Trying to decide how many pages I want to actually break down site to, using one repeater on a page (but lots of data). Prefer one page, but not sure on loading speeds. If I limit it to showing say 50 on the repeater, but then all accessible through a search but of course showing only 50 search results…does that really affect speed, or is it the size of the data it is drawing from?

The old wix Lists option was working well. Not sure why it is obsolete now. The speed was good with pictures and with lot of items.
Now I had to remove Lists and change with repeater as advertised by wix and we got into a problem with performance. It takes forever to go to the next items. This is not acceptable.
Can we add back the old wix Lists option? the problem will disappear for many of us.
Please help here !!!