Displaying Tables from Google Tables on a dynamic page

I created dynamic page which shows information about Hotels. Each Hotel has his ow location, Photo, description etc. Connecting to DB and displaying the texts and image works quite well. But I also have prices for each hotel which differs from hotel to hotel with different sections. this would also be good to show it dynamic. But the tables need also formatting to look good. I created the tables in google tables. Each hotel has its own tab in the table, but is there any way to connect the tab/table and display it dynamic on the hotel description page? in worst case I could display it via a button and a Link to another page where I display the table but even then I would like to have a litte box popping up and not link completely to another page (so that the original page is still be seen in the background)

Yeas, you can do it, I did. Maybe this here helps: https://girizano.wixsite.com/codecorner/home/html-component-not-running-in-publish-mode-google-sheets-example

I am getting the feeling that you don’t have a lot of control over things here. If you use the wix table control thing to pull from a googlesheet, you can adjust a few styling things but you can’t add additional buttons/links (and you it won’t bring over the links from a sheet anyway - see Adding a Link in the Table Master App | Help Center | Wix.com)

Overall, unless your table is very very simple then the googlesheet link approach is going to be frustrating to try to incorporate, as wix is today.

link ends up in 404 error… could you update the link?

made the same experience. Table displays not satisfiying. connected cells are not displayd correctly nor breaks in one cell (produced with ALT+enter) are not displayed. You can create nihce tables in google table but the wix table app messes up what you did… very frustrating