I am not good at coding at all, but if you use a blank, connect it to your database and pick a list (this time username) should not all the usuernames popup in that dropdown then or am i misstaken because i am a noob? :slight_smile:
Screenshots: Screen capture - a6218af4acbabcfceb039cf62bcf33e9 - Gyazo
Screenshot - 8428660a2afff543daa293ca08ba1b0c - Gyazo
Screen capture - a6218af4acbabcfceb039cf62bcf33e9 - Gyazo

Thanks for the help :)!

Hi Daniel,

First, being a n00b is the first step at becoming a pro, so its all good.
Second, note that you can connect the dropdown as a list.
Disconnect the ‘Value connects to’ and enable ‘Connect Dropdown List’

Good luck :slight_smile:

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Thanks so much for the help!

The problem was that and the fact that it was not a dynamic page… Stuipid little me!

Anyways i have another question :slight_smile:
I would like it so when they pick a username that excists in the sytem i want the program to take that usernames profile picture and place it in a special place in their profile when they submit, is that possible?