Drop Down Menu Selection Image Changes

Hi all
I have a store with a number of products. I would like some to be available for purchase and show a price and some products to be information only, so contact to purchase.

If I use the store to display the info only products then there is no way of hiding the price, having “from £**” or any option apart from showing £0. If I hide the price in product page settings it hides it across my whole store which I don’t want.

The reason I am using the store for these info products is I need to utilise the drop down menu for the colour options and the product image changes to the lined image of that colour.

My question is is there any way to have a drop down menu that has a linked image Outside of the store settings so I can just display the items without them being in my store? Or in the gallery settings so the image changes based on an option you select?

Does that make sense? I think it can be done with code but there are a Lot of colour options and I think with coding it would take forever. Although happy to be told otherwise! Thanks in advance! H

Not familiar with the WIX store I use an independent store code. But in coding anything is possible, all the options you have raised.
You have 2 choices, learn coding, or contact someone who will do it for you for a fee.
I’m writing to you just so you do not have to worry about moving forward and when you need it. Whenever possible.