Dropdown only loads 1000 entries

Hi, I connected a dropDown to a DataSet pointing to a Collection with over 10,000 entries, but the dropdown only lists the first 1,000. Is there a way around that?

we have intentionally limited the result-set size for any data query to 1000 items.
the rationale is that a reasonable user will not sift through 1000+ items. it is considered bad user experience to show such long lists.

I suggest you try one of the following:

  • filter the results in some way that is meaningful for your case before showing the dropdown
  • if you absolutely must show more than a 1000 items, it can be coded by using the wixdata API:
    – run 10 queries to retrieve items [1…1000][1001…2000]…[9001…10000]
    – combine the results into one big array
    – pass that array to the dropdown through its API
    but note that probably performance will suffer…

good luck!

Thank you! :slight_smile: