Dropdown value cant connect to Reference Field

Hi. I cant connect the value of a dropdown to a reference field because it’s grayed out. Not sure how to work around it thru coding. Help.

Gist of what i want to do:
Enable the user to select the value of the reference field thru the dropdown and add an item with his/her selected reference field.

Hi Zoren,

Let that dataset be Read & Write, and here we go with clickable Reference.

Good Luck!


I changed it to Read and Write but i still cant select the Reference field (grayed out).


What you need to do is select ‘through’ the reference to the field you want to see in the drop down.

What I mean by this is that in the list of fields in the Connect Dropdown dialog box you have all of the fields from the data set you have connected to the form. Additionally you will see below this list a reference to the dataset that the referenced field links to. If you select this it should show you the referenced dataset fields that could be in the drop down. Choose the text field you need here.

If you haven’t connected the data collection that the reference connects to as a data set then you should add it :-).

Hope this helps.