I have a dropdown with three choices: RUSSIA, JAPAN, USA. A button submits the data to the dataset field “country”. Works fine, I’m very happy.

Now, according to the country chosen, at the same time I need to assign a value to another different field, “drinks”.

If the choice is RUSSIA value vodka should be written in the drinks field. If JAPAN was chosen, sake e should be written. If USA was chosen, whiskey.

I’m a beginner, please help. Thanks.

		console.log("Selected-Value: ", $w('#dropdown1').value);
		console.log("Selected-Index:  ", $w('#dropdown1').selectedIndex);
		let selValue = $w('#dropdown1').value;
		if (selValue = "RUSSIA") {console.log("Russians like ---> VODKA);}
		else if (selValue = "USA") {console.log("Americans like ---> WHISKEY);}
		else if (selValue = "JAPAN") {console.log("Japanese like ---> SAKE);}