Duplicate items in dropdown menu

Good day all. I can’t seem to make the code in this tutorial work: https://www.wix.com/code/home/forum/advanced-tips-tricks/remove-duplicates-from-connected-dropdown-options

The results remain duplicate even when the code is in. Thanks in advance!

Here is the link to the website and a screen cap of the said problem. https://www.mvsantiago.com/doctors-fcie
Thanks again!

Hey Ryan,

Are you getting errors in the console? Are the results affected in any way?

Post your URL so we can inspect.



No errors in the console. Thank you once again.

I go to that page, but I don’t see a dropdown at all.

Sorry I forgot to publish the site. it should be there now.

I don’t see any code to remove duplicates.

Oops sorry about that. I must have removed it during work. I put it back now and it still doesn’t work.

Disconnect the dropdown list items from the collection and everything will be fine.

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This worked. Thanks!

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