Duplicated Booking Confirmation Emails

I’m currently having an issue whereby a customer making a booking is receiving two automated confirmation emails. They are both almost identical emails, except the first displays the time in UTC and the second email corrects this to display the booking time in BST.

When using console.log to review the booking slot data results return a BST startDateTime and endDateTime

I have tried to go through time zone settings on the dashboard to ensure they are all correct, and I have tried altering the time zone display under booking policy settings but this has not made any difference

The booking calander shows the booking at the correct time in BST time zone

The booking page was created using time/date code from : https://support.wix.com/en/article/wix-code-how-to-create-a-bookings-timetable

Does anyone have any thoughts or have had a similar problem?
Thank you!!