Dynamic Pages Out of Order

I’m having an issue with my dynamic pages within my membership content.

No matter how I arrange the data within the actual content spreadsheet, the pages still want to be ordered by alphabetical. Meaning that even though my pages are labeled “Lesson 1, Lesson 2” etc, instead of clicking “next” at the bottom and going to the Lesson 2 dynamic page, it goes to “Lesson 20”. And this is reflected within the menu when assigning links, as well. Is there any way to get wix to recognize the intended order of the dynamic pages? Also, reordering the cells within the content manager does nothing.

I’d like the next button to dynamically link to the intended page, in the proper lesson order.

I’ve included some screenshots and video to make sure the issue is clear.

I’ve done a little work-around by adding “a” before the title (“aLesson1”), then a b for the 10’s, a c for the 20’s, and it displays and links correctly. But the only bummer is the actual title on the dynamic page is reflected as such, as well. A cosmetic annoyance.

If anyone knows how to reorder the dynamic pages without doing this little workaround, I’m all ears.

Your problem will be → Lesson1 <— bad idea!
Your solution could be → Lesson001 ← may be working!


The article Velo Tutorial: Creating Previous and Next Buttons for a Dynamic Item Page with Code should help.