Dynamic Thank You Page

Hey all! New to Wix, the forum… and to code… dangerously ignorant combo- haha

I just finished a site build, and I’m wanting to set up a dynamic “Thank You” page that pulls user info from a form they submitted. The form is attached to a database that collects first and last name among other things.

Here’s a link to the Thank You page and the website: https://www.prestonridgeoil.com/thankyou

I would like the first text to read “THANK YOU [CUSTOMER NAME]” for the individual that submitted the form. Is it possible to link that text field to pull from the database?

Not hugely important, but would add a personal touch for sure. Any help would be much appreciated!

Hello and welcome to Wix Code,

You can use wix-storage ( Session ) to store the customer name after a successful submission, then redirect the page to the Thank you page and replace the text [ CUSTOMER NAME ] with the value you store in that session. For more information about Wix storage - check THIS

Hope this helps!