eBook (ePUB) Reader

Can’t find an app for that? Any ideas?

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Just to make sure I’m understanding correctly - you want an ePub reader embedded in your site so visitors can read epubs? Or are you just looking for an ePub reader in general? If you’re looking for one in general, I recommend Calibre. You can use it to convert the ePub into PDF for your site as well. :slight_smile:

Thanks - Yes, an ePub reader embedded in our site so visitors can read epubs while on the site. ISSUU app could do it but it is not great as the ebook is hosted on ISSUU.

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Basically we want members only to be able to read an ebook on the site, just like reading a PDF - the EPUB would be created in Adobe InDesign. Using the PDF viewer would not be great either as the reader would not have the same experience as an eBook App

Hmm not sure about a site embedded reader. If you find one that you like, let me know!

Better late than never… I also would like an embedded ebook reader on my site.
Found this…