Editor X expert needed

I am attempting to make two business websites on editor X. But find that my efforts are Ok but not good enough to represent my businesses.

Can anyone suggest a freelancer who has editor X expertise? I want to learn but also need help in getting the level of results I am looking for.

Hoping there is someone out there.


Hi Leigh. I’m not an expert but could maybe point you in the right direction – so you could fix things yourself. Where are your sites?

Thank you for your offer to help. My issues are not design issues they are technical issues that include how to and why is this not working questions. Tough for you to see from the outside.
But I am happy to have you take a look. Bare in mind the site is not even close to finished. I am waiting for some visuals from my design team so much of what is there is placeholders. But take a look if you have time the address is correctdoseinc.com

thank you again for your interest in helping.

Thanks Leigh. I looked at your site and I see what you mean. What are some of your technical issues (maybe 1 or 2)? I might still be able to help you.

One quick question – are you using layouters? If you aren’t, I would advise you to. I use them for practically everything I do.