😎 Editor X Live Learning Sessions Are Back Next Week!

We’re back again next week with our no-code website live streams next week!

This time, we’ve made separate events based on our audiences :sunglasses:

Mondays will be beginner focused on those brand new to Editor X.
Tuesdays will be intermediate & advanced focused for avid Editor X users.

:one: On Monday, August 1st , we have Intro To Editor X Masterclass For Beginners.

  • We will be going over Editor X fundamentals.
  • Getting used to all the functionality Editor X has to offer
  • Building our very first mini-site within Editor X.

If you’re new to Editor X and want to start learning, this is for you!

:two: On Tuesday, August 2nd , we have How To Build a Website in Editor X

  • A series we’re continuing every month for our more intermediate & advanced Editor X users .
  • We tackle SUPER COOL site builds & stretch what we believe is possible in Editor X!
  • We also share with you all our asset libraries so you can follow along in the live stream!

I look super forward to seeing you all live, next week!
PS. don’t forget to join the Editor X Discord if you haven’t already