EditorX: % -> vw error?

I have a EditorX question namely:

When I set 100% width for an element and change this field to vw depending on the set breakpoint width, the vw value changes.


As shown in these images; is this supposed to happen?

//To enlighten you

I ask because if I would set a vw in the case of the images of 97 it will stay withing the dimension of the page if the width is great enough.

However, when I view it on a smaller screen that 97vw will be greater than 100% and it will result in technical difficulties keeping the elements in place or on screen.

Sadly, I can’t target the % of the other because if I select % it will pick the height or width but no option to select the % of the other.

Perhaps you could add h% and w%.

I am not sure this would work or if this is not done for a reason, but I assume that this is the scrollbar width.

Anyways, can’t you do this:

100vw = windowSizeInfo.document.width + (windowSizeInfo.window.width - windowSizeInfo.document.width)

Instead of using:

100vw = windowSizeInfo.window.width

This because until now I never needed to work with width dimensions that include the scrollbar, but this could be me.

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