Email admin from code without backend setup

Hi all,

I’m trying to trigger an email to the site admin (so, one fixed email address) at a certain point in my frontend code. I have no backend code or email service set up. I want to be able to do this using frontend wix code (something like emailUser or emailContact). But I can’t seem to find a way to do it. Can someone please suggest a solution?

Things I’ve thought of:

  • can’t use emailUser because there is no member / login happening.

  • can’t use emailContact, because can’t retrieve contact id via code
    To quote a starred reply in a different forum post (from june this year): “Contacts is not currently integrated with Wix Code. Integration with Contacts and other Wix apps is planned, but not timeframe available.”

  • can’t use createContact repeatedly for the same email, because that throws error “contact already exists”

  • can’t use predefined Wix contact form. I had the idea, that I’d hide the contact form somewhere on the page and send a message / trigger from js to “send” the form, but I can’t find a way to do so (I believe the form is inaccessible to the code).

  • can’t use a simple button to send the email, because even though I can “click” it using code, I can’t configure it to auto-send email.

All I can think of right now is to set up some backend service (like send grid?) and configure it and send the email from there. Can anyone think of an easier way to send just one email to a fixed recipient from code?