Embeding code into a button (need help)

Hi, I’ve looked all around the Wix forum and i’m currently trying to embed code so that when you click the “PURCHASE” button, it will display on the website the Selly page (images provided below). I used the embed feature but it creates an ugly looking button and i’m not an html coder so I have no idea how to do this. If someone could explain me how to embed it onto the wix button (not the ugly button) that would be great. Thanks!

I want the code in the grey button to go into the red button. (Sorry I had to blur stuff out like my ID in the code and some stuff on the website) If you need more info, reply back here or pm me on discord: Ant#4597

My code for the grey button:

<!doctype html>


I forgot to add what the ugly button is currently doing and thats what I want the red wix button to do:

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