Error 404 on Dynamic Pages

Is anyone else having issues on Dynamic Pages pulling in data from the CMS?
For some reason, the page itself is not even being found…and pulling a 404 error code.

Wix Studio

What are you trying to achieve:
I need users to be able to interact with their individual dynamic page

What have you already tried:
Republishing the site.

yes our 3 sites have been in meltdown since Monday. All dynamic pages have stopped working.

Good to know its not just me…BAD to know that this is happening.
FYI, this isn’t the first time for me either!

@wixexpertstudio @noahlovell any insight here?

Check this out:


Hey @Mike_Neubauer!

Seems @kristina123 has already got there before me :crazy_face:

Be sure to click “I’m experiencing this issue” to be notified when it’s resolved

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Any ideas on when to expect a resolution?
(Kind of critical to get this fixed)

Yes I have three pages that just wont resolve to the correct address on a dynamic pages but other 20 are fine? My site went ballistic with 404s across over last week…??

The issue appears to have been fixed on my end.
I have over 80 dynamic pages linked to CMS data…and didn’t review all of them, but on the surface it looks good.

The issue has come back today. So disappointed with Wix!

I still have the issue today. Is it back online for all of you, or some users still have the issue ?

This is a HUGE disappointment!! All of my sites are down again as well…

Is this just happening with Studio or with all dynamic pages?

Last week it took about 2-3 days for it to become functional.
There were brief moments of functionality, but for the most part it wasn’t resolved until mid-week.

I have spoken to a Wix manager. She told me there is a work-around but I have only had partial success with it.

I’m told this error occurs if you are using a number field to form the URL of the page. Wix broke something and are not sure how to fix it.

  1. Create a text field in the dataset with exactly the same name as the number field which you use to create the dynamic page sequence.
  2. Copy over the values from the number field to the new text field.
  3. Go to the page in the editor and delete the URL field in the page settings.
  4. Retype the URL field.
  5. Publish.

It has only worked a couple of times for me so far. I am experimenting.

Thanks for sharing, worth a try for sure!
My issue with that is the fact that the SORT option does not sort numbers correctly in a text field…it reads the numbers from left to right. ie.
12 …
22 …

and so on.

They gotta find what broke and fix this…

I’ve found a working solution. It’s painfully slow.

  1. export the collection to a csv
  2. Make the page a static page (remove connections option)
  3. create a new collection with a completely different name
  4. import the csv values, but not the ID field and not the URL field.
  5. go to the static page and convert it back to a dynamic page using the new dataset.
  6. Make sure to fix the URL field.
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OUCH! Sounds painful for sure!
Amazing that you found this, thanks!

I’ll run some tests on my end.

Wix have fixed it again (for now!)

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They should keep you on retainer!
Thanks again for the solutions and updates.

It’s broken again! Come on Wix. This is terrible. You are causing mayhem for people’s businesses.

I have clients that are requesting to migrate their sites off of Wix at this point…

@noahlovell … can we please have a resolution to this?!