Error 404 page links fail to open page

Newbie here. I have a custom error 404 page, with page menu and a button linking to homepage, when any of these links are pressed the web browser address bar changes to show the selected webpage address, but the webpage on view remains showing the error 404 page, it does not refresh to show the new page.
If I change the property of the link in the button to open a new window, pressing the button causes a new window to open showing the homepage, but the menu links still only cause the web address to change, not the actual page. I have the same results using Ipad/Safari, android phone/chrome and windows 10 laptop/Edge

thanks for any help you can give


I was definitely able to recreate the issue on my end, however, this issue is a case for our SEO team to investigate. This forum is specifically for questions about Corvid by Wix. To speak to a Customer Care agent to start an investigation to get a solution to this issue, contact Wix Support .

Edward | Corvid Team

thanks, thicket submitted